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Uncle Sam, here I am…Week 43

Greetings from the U.S.

Spirits are high after crossing into the 15th and final nation on the Americas leg of the expedition and country number 35 on the Global Wheeling initiative. I finally tackled the border crossing of Agua Prieta, Sonora into Douglas, Arizona. Having trekked through the Chihuahua desert of northern Mexico for weeks I rolled into the Southern state of Arizona on a hot dry day at about 42 degrees. No respite from the heat with temperatures continuing to soar as summer takes hold here in the northern hemisphere and the arid conditions of Arizona make themselves known.

Bidding farewell to Latin America as I once again wrapped my mouth around my mother tongue. After 10 months battling with very basic Spanish it feels great to once again ask for directions and cycle off feeling confident I’m heading in the right direction, a luxury rarely enjoyed south of the border. A rather lengthily three hour ordeal with US immigration and border control and I was in and officially clocking up miles oppose to km for the first time since crossing England, 35 countries and 3 years ago.

The big push of 2000 km in three weeks across the Chihuahua desert of Northern Mexico has resulted in me getting back on schedule. With only 8 full weeks left and still a good 2500 km to navigate, it’s looking like I’ll be rolling into Black Rock City on schedule. However, with so little time left, there are now no more get out of jail free cards as heavy mechanical problems and illness this late in the game would certainly prove to be catastrophic.

My route north from Tucson Arizona will take me via the Grand Canyon, Route 66 and Vegas before finally making my way across the top end of Nevada to Black Rock City, and the end of a 3 year intercontinental project. Monsoon season is setting in and temperatures of well over 40 degrees every day are kissed with a short but heavy afternoon downpour that helps to take the edge off of things a touch.

Trekking north through Arizona in search of the Grand Canyon will consume the lions’ share of week 44 after which I start to tack west on Route 66 in search of the bright lights of Vegas. After 43 solid weeks battling the roads of the Americas solo on a bicycle the carbon emission saving as a result of travelling on human steam is now over 2.5 tons!


After 43 weeks and 17 691  km the official pollution saving is 2653 kg!

Stay tuned as the expedition reaches its final stage!

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  • Kayden, to do what you have done takes a supreme effort of will, drive and personal accomplishment. You have achieved the remarkable and should be proud of what you have done. You are an amazing person. Long may you continue on your chosen path. You are living your life. xx

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