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South America conquered on human steam and hard work

By March 28, 2013 Uncategorized One Comment

28 weeks and 2 days to get from Argentina to the top of the South American continent by bicycle. Averaging 400 km’s a week which is roughly 8 Argus cycle races a fortnight, carrying all my worldly possessions from camping equipment to spare parts and camera gear. Another continent under the belt, it takes the Global Wheeling Charity initiatives tally to 28 countries on 3 different continents since October 2010 and my personal haul to 34 countries on 5 continents.

Starting to make a serious case for the humble bicycle in my attempt to advocate this phenomenal machine as a viable tool in the battle against climate change and promoting its ability to traverse some of the planet’s most dangerous and testing conditions. Surely we can adopt the bike in our urban existence to a greater extent and I would like nothing more than for this expedition to help realise these aspirations.

Having traversed the Andes from east to west and then further north on the continent from west to east, I’m looking forward to battling more manageable altitudes as I tack north through Central America, however only time will tell what conditions lay ahead.

Leaving Medellin , Colombia’s second largest city with only 400 km’s remaining on the continent I trekked north towards to the town of Turbo. There is no road connecting Colombia with Panama and the Darien gap stands as an insurmountable obstacle. Thick tropical jungle and swamp, home to rebels  and the Drarien gap refuses to be navigable by bicycle.

I had to source a series of small boats to get around the jungle and after 3 days I would arrive in Carti on Panamanian soil. A two day ride into this super modern capital, Panama City with its skyscrapers and busy roads, a far cry from the Darien, I plan to tackle the Panama Canal first thing week 30 and start battling north East on a new chunk of land.

After 29 weeks here in the Americas the odometer reads 11 404 km’s and a pollution saving as a result of being fuelled by human steam of 1710.6 kg’s!!! The project is on track with donating one bicycle every month for the duration of the ride and 7 bikes have now been handed over to Cape Town residents that would otherwise not have the opportunity to own a bicycle. Please keep supporting and donating as we still have loads of work to do and more bikes to muster!




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