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Powered by People…

By July 24, 2010 Green News No Comments

Global Wheeling is a great example of how when people work together for a common cause we have the ability to achieve great things. Five years on from the inception of the Global Wheeling concept which came to be whilst cycling across the Nullarbor Plain in the outback deserts of Australia in 2005, we have managed to create a platform to change  lives for the better.

The bicycle and the myriad of opportunities it offers us to make changes by alleviating poverty through the creation of commerce and the forging of  foundations for  future generations to have a more symbiotic relationship with our natural environment at large.

The creation of this platform was not a short or easy road to travel, but rather a long and winding  journey of gravel paths , flat tyres and rocky road, a journey that was shared by people that gave of their time, energy and expertise to help make the fantastic concept of  Global Wheeling a reality.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank those people for all their effort and professionalism on that winding journey. For believing in a concept and a vision that was for the greater good and for the sacrifices  you have undertaken to help make Global Wheeling a reality.

To Quea consulting services for their continued financial support and investment with out your organisations input we would  not be where we are today.

To Treehouse Media for their relentless creativity and technical prowess, your team is inspirational & visionary, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

To Freedom Studios for believing in a vision and having faith in a project that was still growing.

To Virtual Fusion and their creative input.

To  the Legal Resource Centre for the countless hours you devoted.

And to all the individuals behind the scenes, Warren, Ancel ,Jade , Tamlyn , Charlene, Tommy,Kerry, Ryan and the list continues ,  that gave of their time and energy.

A huge Thanks.

The Global Wheeling Team.

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