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Peruvian frustrations and torrential rain hamper progress

By January 2, 2013 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Week 17 grinds to a frustrating end after starting with a bang. Taking a slight detour in an attempt to factor in some of Peru’s ancient wonders, I followed the road through the sacred Inca valley in search of a few ruins. Well aware of the fact that I might fall ever so slightly behind my relentless schedule of 400 carbon free km’s a week.

Rolling through the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, both of which boast their very own set of Inca ruins, not satisfied though until I managed to add the famed Macchu Picchu to the treasure trove of wonders we have been able to accrue on human steam.

Getting ever deeper into the sacred valley in search of this Inca wonder I was able to reach the town of Ollantaytambo on pedal power. From here things would take a twist, unable to continue by road and adamant on reaching the ruins on human steam I continued on foot.

Locking all my gear away in a budget room, I packed a small bag with a few supplies and set off at 11pm on Christmas Eve, travelling by foot through the Andes at night in the hope of arriving for sunrise on Christmas morning. It seems my calculations on foot were leaving much to be desired…

It would be lunch time on the 26th by the time I reached Macchu Picchu after getting lost on a small winding track in the dark taking me far off course. Two days of excruciating trekking along the Andean Inca trail, and it’s surrounding tracks and winding paths. Macchu Picchu had officially been added on human steam but it had come at a price, I had twisted my left knee in the process and hobbled out of the Archeological complex in a bad way.

Still sporting a broken back wheel I had opted to bring in a spare rim via post. Sent to the city of Cusco I trekked out of the valley back over 3000m above sea level in search of the prized cargo. Arriving to find that Peruvian customs had blocked my parcel at customs in the capital Lima and all operations were closed until January 2nd.

So this Blog comes to you from a rain drenched Cusco as the wet season sets in here in the Andes and I sit idly by watching the clock tick away as I fall further and further behind schedule as I wait for Customs to re-open and hopefully iron out this new challenge!

I should be sitting on 6800 carbon free km’s by this stage of the expedition but setbacks see me nursing a rather low 6327 km’s with an injured knee and the pressure starts to mount to try and claw back the deficit to get back on schedule. After 17 weeks the amount of pollution saved is sitting on a staggering 949.05 kg’s!


  • gailjef1 says:

    So sorry about your knee Kayden. Those large stones on the winding trails can be hard on the joints – trust me – I know! Being who you are, however, you will recover and meet head on your challenges and be on your way once again! Amazing! Enjoy the large market in Cusco! And, HAPPY, HEALTHY & A SAFE NEW YEAR!!!

  • bakedginger says:

    you crazy bastard, wishing you all the best pal, hope that knee does not cause you too much trouble, photos look epic.


  • kame says:

    Happy new year kayden, Amazing pics , love the one with the rainbow. get a rest with your knee now you’re on the top and enjoy the view with Macchu and Picchu K&K&S

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