” where eco – adventure, charity and partying merge “


An immersive, charity driven travel experience offers festival organizers a carbon offset initiative to their event by taking a small select group of budding eco warriors and adventurers on a multiday camping, cycling, hiking and kayaking experience.

This carbon zero pilgrimage to the event with film crew, support vehicle, chef and award winning environmental activist Kayden Kleinhans is pioneering a new way of travel and connection to the land we party on.

Global Wheeling curates this transformational way of attending
festivals that not only builds lifelong bonds and friendships with crew
members, but forges a new path forward in the way we attend festivals.
Earning the right to be on the dance floor as we propel ourselves
hundreds of carbon free miles across plains, over mountains and rivers
on nothing but our own human energy. Taking ownership of our
surroundings and the land we’re partying on.

We’ll capture the experience with a world class film crew,
photographers and guides as we weave our way through local landscapes.
We’ll plug into various grassroots eco-charity projects en route to the
event to add value to the local area as a team of activated volunteers
making positive change to local communities.

The group rides are led by international adventurer and filmmaker Kayden Kleinhans who has circumnavigated the world one and half times on human energy winning multiple environmental awards for his eco message and international broadcasted television series Global Wheeling. Having curated eco expeditions to a multitude of international festivals, combined with 20 years of dance floor antics; Kleinhans continues to break the mould of what it means to truly immerse yourself in the eco warrior festival experience.