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The GLOBAL WHEELING – 2 disc, 8 episode DVD box-set is now available !

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Global Wheeling Season 1 DVD box-set now available !
Experience the 20 000 carbon free kilometre, solo & unsupported bicycle expedition across the America’s on this 2 disc, 8 episode series. Follow Filmmaker & Adventurer Kayden Kleinhans on this 50 week expedition across some of the most challenging and beautiful terrain in the world.



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Week 45 battling the Americas solo on two wheels.

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Now firmly entrenched in the US, my fifteenth and final nation here in the Americas, I tacked north from a hot Tucson as Monsoon season started to roll in. My little green tent, “The Humble Hilton” that has been `with me through thick and thin since rolling out of Manchester 3 years and 35 countries ago is hanging in there by a thread. Unfortunately she was no match for the strong seasonal winds of Arizona and my first night north of Tucson resulted in yet another battle scar on my humble abode. Read More

Touchdown Mexico!

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Finally back in the hot seat after a mechanical MacGyver session in Guatemala and notching up a successful crossing into Mexico, the 14th and penultimate nation of phase two of the Global Wheeling initiative. Sporting a dodgy rear derailleur and a huge amount of faith in duct tape and bubblegum the current status quo. Read More

Central America phase 2

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Some countries get under your skin for all the right reasons and Nicaragua was creeping up my list of favourites here in the Americas. It’s not always a given that you “connect” with a place but within minutes of crossing into Nicaragua I had that sense of belonging. Maybe it had something to do with leaving a much overpriced Costa Rica with bad roads and a reputation it struggles to live up to, but entering this humble nation, number 10 on the expedition was a breath of fresh air. Read More

Trekking through Central America on two wheels.

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New challenges lay ahead as South America becomes a distant memory and Central American tarmac becomes my new companion. Heading out of the super modern Panama city, I once again joined up with the Pan-American highway heading west through a new chunk of land. The initial 300 km’s coming out of the capital were rather disappointing with bad roads, heavy traffic and dismal scenery making for long hot days in the saddle without much to distract the mind from the testing conditions. Read More

South America conquered on human steam and hard work

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28 weeks and 2 days to get from Argentina to the top of the South American continent by bicycle. Averaging 400 km’s a week which is roughly 8 Argus cycle races a fortnight, carrying all my worldly possessions from camping equipment to spare parts and camera gear. Another continent under the belt, it takes the Global Wheeling Charity initiatives tally to 28 countries on 3 different continents since October 2010 and my personal haul to 34 countries on 5 continents. Read More

South America just about done on two wheels and a bit of perseverance

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Week 26 & 27 here in the Americas would be nothing short of a rollercoaster in more ways than one. The terrain in is this part of the Andean range being somewhat lower in altitude in comparison to the lofty heights attained in Peru and Bolivia. However, long hot days in the saddle battling undulating mountain passes would be equally as challenging as my route north picked me up and dropped me down in huge increments. Read More

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