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Battling headwinds through desert country, 21 weeks and counting.

By February 2, 2013 Uncategorized 4 Comments

Rolling out of Lima extremely relieved to have ticked a few mechanical boxes whilst in the Peruvian capital. I was fortunate enough to track down a set of new tyres and replace my chain and cassette that had taken a serious hammering crawling through the Andes. I had now also finally solved the back rim issue that had plagued me since I snapped it on the Altiplano in Bolivia a few thousand km’s prior.

Navigating my way out of this huge metropolis that took the better part of a day and roughly 50 km’s of urban sprawl before I was once again swallowed by the coastal desert. Peru seems to have all the natural boxes ticked as it boasts mountains, jungle and coastline, hugging the coast north of Lima however is a hot windy dustbowl of a desert.

I tacked north on the Pan-American Highway, two days ride and roughly 200 km’s from the capital I entered a small town to restock on supplies and had my odometer stolen off the handlebars of the bike. A bit tricky to put 8000 km on an odometer and a piece of equipment vital to the project, I kicked up a royal stink and got the local police involved.

Leaving things in the hands of our trusty friends in blue I returned but not 2 hours later to find the odometer had made a miraculous reappearance unbeknownst to anyone involved or the police or so they said. I pushed north with my gear firmly strapped down as I tacked up a few more miles through the desert.

The Pan-American Highway weaving its way through coastal dunes as it takes me north. I am now battling trucks and buses again on this busy thoroughfare and the quieter back roads of the Andes are a thing of the past unfortunately.

Less than 1500 km south of the equator now after 21 weeks in the saddle and the days are starting to get intensely hot and windy. My eyes now set on reaching Ecuador country number six and the penultimate nation in South America. Provided things stay on track the next blog will be written on Ecuadorian soil.

After 21 weeks myself and Little Ms. Sunshine (bicycle) have clocked up 8231 carbon free km’s, Carbon emissions saved 1234.28 kg’s and this two wheeled clean green eco machine continues to impress!


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