Kayden Kleinhans

Solo Adventurer, Filmmaker & Environmental Activist

Global Wheeling TV Series

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Guest Speaker

Expect epic travel tales, inspirational messages & humour

Voluntour with Kayden

Global Wheeling launches volunteer based micro expeditions in South Africa

Tough and Challenging

From the Sahara desert to the peaks of the Andes and jungles of Borneo

Unsupported Across the Globe

Explorer of some of the most beautiful, volatile and remote parts of the world

Environmental Activist

Advocating the bicycle & converting carbon free kilometers into trees

About Global Wheeling

With over 53 000 carbon free kilometers around the globe on pedal power, Adventurer & Filmmaker, Kayden Kleinhans has been raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and our over reliance on fossil fuels for over a decade now. Through his passion for conservation and the environment, Kayden has planted thousands of trees in South Africa through his charity the Global Wheeling Foundation in a bid to give back to the very source that inspires him so much. It’s this drive and passion for nature that has seen him reach the worlds most amazing natural wonders across six continents on human steam alone. Pushing the boundaries physically and mentally through some of the most challenging environments the world has to offer, from the likes of the Sahara Desert, war torn Ivory Coast, Death Valley and the Andes solo and unsupported. Follow Kayden’s expeditions in the all new television series brought to you by Cooked in Africa Films – This is “Global Wheeling”

Interesting Information

To circumnavigate the entire globe at it’s widest point is 44 000 kilometers, Kayden is now  9000 kilometers into his second revolution.

Kayden has saved in excess of 8 tonnes of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere by traveling on human energy.

Kayden’s latest 20 000 kilometer expedition across the America’s was self shot using three cameras and a tripod.

Global Wheeling was nominated for the Eco-Logic environmental award under the Eco-Warrior category.


countries visited
53 000
kilometers cycled
war zone survived
kilograms of CO2 saved
passports used



Coming soon! Two week, volunteer based, micro expeditions through the Western Cape of South Africa. Join Kayden, as he self guides small groups of volunteers through the very same backyard that inspired him to cycle around the world. These 250 kilometer conservation cruises are designed to inspire people to reconnect with nature, local communities and learn the importance of looking after the environment. The eco adventure tours will be completed on human steam, traveling by bicycle and foot through some of the most beautiful reserves, parks and landscapes the continent has to offer.

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Support the Global Wheeling Initiative. Sponsor one of Kayden’s carbon free kilometers cycled for the Global Wheeling’s around the world eco charity bicycle ride and plant a tree in South Africa. He’s on a mission to turn his mileage into trees, support the cause here !

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Kayden outlines his transition to bike advocate and highlights the ability to cross continents carrying all his worldly possessions by pedal power alone. He shares tales of digging deep, staying the course and seeing the good in a bad situation. His passion for travel and the environment shines through in his talks. Expect epic travel stories from every corner of the globe as he touches on how his life has been transformed by the unique experiences he’s had, the natural wonders that have inspired him and the people that have humbled him.

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